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Access to this computer, electronic device, or computer network ("System") is restricted to employees, contractors, consultants, or other authorized users of Noble Energy, Inc., and its affiliates and subsidiaries ("Noble"). Unauthorized use is not permitted and any unauthorized use will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The software on the System is either licensed or proprietary to Noble and you are prohibited from altering any hardware or software without the prior authorization of Noble. You must consult with and obtain consent from Noble's Information Technology Department before making any such alterations.

It is the policy of Noble that the System may be used only in conjunction with Noble-related business and in a manner (i) consistent with Noble-established guidelines, (ii) that protects Noble intellectual property rights, and (iii) that respects intellectual property rights held by third parties.

All displays, transmissions, and messages sent over, received through, or stored in the System are Noble business records. Noble reserves the right to monitor all transactions and data on the System, review reports of user System activity, and enter user electronic mail, System, and telephone voice mailbox files whenever, in Noble's sole discretion, there is a business need to do so. You should not have any expectation of privacy in connection with the use of the System or the transmission, receipt, or storage of information on the System.